Workday Readiness

Embarking on a Workday implementation is normally part of a larger HR/Organisational Transformation project. CloudreadyHR can help you to understand the core concepts of Workday which will prepare you for the discovery sessions that you have with your chosen partner. Understanding the core concepts, and having your requirements ready for discovery sessions will put you at an immediate advantage. Important core concepts include:

  • Organisations
  • The Job Catalog
  • Core Compensation
  • Security / Support Model


If you are new to Workday®, it’s likely that you will need support within your organisation when working with your Workday® partner to ensure that the correct decisions are made during this important phase of the Workday® project. CloudreadyHR can help with configuration decisions and impacts when you are going through implementation. There are many different areas of consideration, with different cross-functional impacts:

  • Global HCM configuration
  • Organisations
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Core Compensation
  • Job Catalog
  • Worker Data
  • Business Processes
  • Reports

Scenario Testing

Testing is the most important part of a Workday® implementation. This is where you have the opportunity to really test the Workday® system that has been built for you by your chosen Workday® Partner.

Workday® support this process by providing a set of test scenario templates, but you really need to understand what you are testing to really make the best use of those templates.  Do you really need to test Collective Bargaining Agreements if you have not specified them in your requirements?

I have experience using the Workday® provided test templates and can use that experience to advise you what should and should not be included in your test scenarios.

It’s extremely important that you capture all of your defects during your testing phases so that you can make sure your chosen Workday® Partner has the opportunity to correct those issues before Go-Live.  You Workday® Partner will be unavailable soon after go-live unless you request additional hypercare services.

Go-Live Support

If you have recently gone live on Workday® there are many things you need to be aware of. CloudreadyHR can help your team with many of the issues that you’ll likely come across:

  • Unassigned tasks – Why are there unassigned tasks?
  • EIB’s (Enterprise Interface Builder, Workday’s® bulk data load method) – Learn to create EIB templates and populate them to enter bulk data into Workday®.
  • Business processes – Too many To Do tasks in your hire process? Onboarding holding up your new hires?  Optimise your business processes to improve your workflow.
  • Notifications – Too many notifications?  The wrong information, or missing information in your notifications?  Language translations missing for your notifications?  Get to grips with the flow of messages from Workday®.
  • Configuration – Are your period salary plans being calculated properly?  Perhaps your benefits are not defaulting for some worker populations? Review your plan configurations and get them back on track.


If you need additional support creating relevant training material, such as “Quick Guide” documents, on-demand training sessions or video guides, CloudreadyHR can help you to create engaging, relevant materials aimed at different Workday® audiences:

  • Self Service users
  • Managers
  • HR Support Roles
  • Workday® Administrators

Additional Functionality

You are already in the cloud with Workday® and now is the right time to think about next steps, perhaps you need to review your security?  Perhaps you are ready to start taking advantage of the recruiting functionality in Workday®? CloudreadyHR can help in the following ways:

  • Health Check – Do you have too many unassigned tasks?  Are your support teams struggling with the amount of actions?  Do your HR workers have the correct access?  These are just some of the issues you may have, and I can help you to investigate these issues and propose solutions.
  • Additional Functionality – Ready to add a new module to your existing system? CloudreadyHR can review and prepare your existing configuration so that it’s optimised and ready for your new module, and produce test scenarios for your teams to ensure requirements have been captured and built correctly.
  • Workday® Release Review – Let CloudreadyHR assist you in reviewing the new functionality and changes that are coming in the next Workday® release.